Digital Relations

Digital Relations encompasses the professional use of digital technologies and social media platforms to manage and measure an organization’s awareness and client/customer relations to generate positive results and outcomes.

Optimizing Your Digital Footprint
Everything posted online is archived for an electronic eternity. Your organization’s brand recognition, awareness, and reputation need to be built and maintained strategically and dynamically. We know there are numerous ways in which your online activity can be affected both positively and negatively, some of which originate far beyond your control. The 223_Agency team delivers innovative yet proven techniques, working to elevate every aspect of your online presence positively.

Online Reputation Management
Our Online Reputation Management (ORM) program integrates with more than 100 search engines to keep your business information and data up to date everywhere that counts, including online directory listings and voice search optimization. ORM also makes gathering and monitoring your online reviews easy. ORM assists you in acquiring more business, retaining existing customers, and strengthening all of your online efforts.

Social Media
Successful social media requires the right strategy, structure, and tools, all of which must be centered on smart goals based around attracting the right audience. The recipe for social media success further involves understanding professional techniques, awareness of what’s trending, all the while actively listening. Whether it is an orchestrated social campaign, building brand awareness, or developing influence, the 223_Agency social team is ready to work with you.

Digital Strategy
Digital business agility requires a hyperawareness of the digital landscape, navigated with informed decision making, carried out with fast execution. We begin by understanding your customer and your business goals. Our front-end focus starts with the desired results in mind. Our experienced team of digital professionals is diverse in background and talents while being innovative and responsive to achieving your business goals.